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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Input Lag is Worst Yet


Input lag can be a issue in video games across all genres, but specifically competitive games like within the fighting genre. The frames between whenever a button is pressed over a controller of course, if an action is done on-screen is often a real difference between a win plus a loss. Therefore there's growing frustration among professional competitive Super Smash Bros. players about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which reportedly provides the worst input lag while in the franchise yet.

YouTube channel GigaBoots runs a series of analysis videos titled Button2Pixel whereby they look at the input lag for many different games. Prior to launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, GigaBoots measured the input lag of most previous Super Smash Bros. games. The outcomes show how input lag has risen meaningfully over time, from commonly 3-4 frames of input lag for that Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros. to between 5-6 frames for any Wii and 5 about the Wii U.

But it's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate containing now pushed input lag for its highest level yet. Depending on their analysis, while using exact same methods just as with previous Super Smash Bros. titles, all controller types for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reach between 6-7 frames of lag. Comparing average input lag between games inside the franchise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is nearly an entire frame slower versus the second slowest game (Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players aiming to optimize their input lag by selecting the top controller, it looks like the GameCube controller is the better choice. Be squandered anytime soon bring those frames back into Nintendo 64 or Melee territory, but a median input lag of 6 frames is far better than a typical input lag of 7 frames.

The best reckon that GigaBoots has for why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features such disappointing input lag is the fact Nintendo prioritized visuals for the game. And while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks great, the Nintendo Switch's hardware is understandably limited given its handheld/console nature. GigaBoots speculates that it is possible Nintendo could improve input lag through optimization patches but admits it's mainly highly unlikely.

Finally, let's acknowledge that while GigaBoots does have expertise in relation to analyzing input lag, his video is not necessarily approximately scientific standards. That isn't to express that his findings are inaccurate, however rather that you have likely unmeasured error involved. There may hopefully are more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players looking to reproduce GigaBoots findings inside the coming weeks and months.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is accessible now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: GigaBoots

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