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Pokemon GO Bringing Back Lugia, Ho-Oh Last week


Not too far back, the long-awaited inclusion of Trainer Battles went live in Niantic's wildly successful mobile augmented reality title, Pokemon GO, with myriad players undoubtedly diving into everything the new feature offers these days. Now, it's that the developer is intent on closing out 2018 for a high note to comprehend in-game materials, as PoGO is set to recover Lugia and Ho-Oh earlier this week.

As shown by the tweet below, from Friday, December 14 until Monday, December 17, Pokemon GO will host an exclusive Raid Weekend wherein each Psychic- and Flying-type Legendary Lugia as well as Fire- and Flying-type Legendary Ho-Oh are going to be accessible in Raid Battles. Furthermore is the fact that Niantic even teases the possibility of PoGO players encountering a Shiny Lugia or Shiny Ho-Oh while in the event.

Looking for additional Legendary Pokmon to use in your Ultra League battle party? From Friday, December 14, to Monday, December 17, Lugia and Ho-Oh are wanting a particular Raid Weekend! #GOBattle

- Pokmon GO is ready to #GOBattle? (@PokemonGoApp) December 13, 2018

At this really is essential, it's safe to presume that most Pokemon GO players know Lugia and Ho-Oh, as they simply have both appeared in numerous Raid events too many times before. For the people unaware, though, Lugia was the main Legendary Raid Boss, with Niantic having it arrive throughout a majority of summer 2017, while Ho-Oh made its first appearance late last fall.

As far as the aforementioned Shiny forms come to mind, Shiny Ho-Oh supplied golden feathers, and Shiny Lugia's look changes to accommodate light purple markings as opposed to standard blue coloration players see upon it. While having the Shiny iterations of your Legendary Pocket Monsters never was the, the variant forms shall be available once one beats them in Raid Battles.

There's no telling why Niantic will quickly bring Lugia and Ho-Oh back last week, but no matter the reason might be, it's safe to presume that the majority Pokemon GO players who may have yet to trap them are going to do their finest to incorporate the Flying-types to the collection. For now, trainers will also be keeping watch for your probability of Gen 4 creatures going to the game.

Pokemon GO is offering for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO C Twitter

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