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PS4 Passes Xbox 360 console Lifetime Sales


About in 2009, Sony Interactive Entertainment remained optimistic the fact that turmoil Marvel's Spider-Man and other console exclusives enjoy it might help push the PS4 to sales surpassing 100 million units during its life cycle. As you move the latest iteration from the PlayStation has yet to succeed in an extremely feat yet, they have surpassed the milestone of beating out your lifetime sales of Microsoft's beloved Xbox.

According with a recent rundown of sales estimates to the PS4, the prevailing generation Sony system has racked up 86.15 million units for their lifetime sales thus far, which contains helped it surpass the Xbox 360's lifetime sales of roughly 85.80 million units. It's as if the current spate of holiday shopping helped push the PlayStation 4 into its current sales position, as being the console were able to sell 533,999 units to the week ending November 17, 2018.

While some may debate that the PS4's lifetime sales surpassing the X box 360 elite is certainly not significant of any feat, most importantly these purchases by consumers have assisted the Sony system in securing a spot outside in the five highest-selling game consoles of all time. From writing, the PlayStation 2 is # 1 with approximately 155 million sold, accompanied by the Ds lite with 154.02 million, than the Game Boy/Game Boy Color, then PS1, last but not least, the Nintendo wii console.

All things considered, if your PlayStation 4 continue to acquire a steady stream of solid exclusives through the rest of its lifetime, there is a pretty good chance that your system could finish up cracking this list on the top 5 best-selling video games ever. And when recent comments from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera are any indication of SIE's plans for the step up PlayStation hardware, it then appears to be if your PS4 has two to three years left to improve its ability to move units until the launch of the PS5.

The PS4 is offering.

Source: VGChartz

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