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Outer Worlds Dev Compares 'Open World' to Knights of your Old Republic 2


Following its reveal for the Game Awards 2018, fans of Obsidian Entertainment have a significantly better thought of what its forthcoming project, The Outer Worlds, shall be like, leading many to spell out its overall aesthetic as BioShock meets Fallout in space. Speaking of the second post-apocalyptic franchise, gamers happen to be wondering if ever the company's new retro-futuristic sci-fi title have a similar scale comparable to New Vegas. However, it doesn't seem to be the fact here.

According to Obsidian's communications director Mikey Dowling, players shouldn't expect The Outer Worlds to contain an empty world as massive as Fallout New Vegas. Instead, utilised together anticipate the studio's solution to the game's size, scale, and scope for being the same as that from Star Wars: Knights in the Old Republic 2 "with potentially more ground to protect and explore in each area". As explained by Dowling, you'll encounter two planets in TOW, plus they're not technically open worlds, but large environments with several areas to understand more about, among others cordoned off.

While The Outer Worlds won't feature a world that could allow that you seek out long spaces of time at a time, it seems as though Obsidian will still take certain design cues from Fallout New Vegas insofar as many of its in-game systems are involved. Such as, the developer confirmed that it is new title will feature multiple dialogue options when they talk to NPCs, which is probably the most adored components of you can actually post-apocalyptic RPG from 2010.

All things considered, with The Outer Worlds currently slated to file for sometime pick up, there's still some time left for Obsidian to refine the action and suss out each one of its details before it officially hits store shelves. At the moment, the developer recently provided fans which has a solid slice of gameplay footage to pore over until it decides to offer up additional explanations in regards to its latest project.

The Outer Worlds is scheduled to produce at some point in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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