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Golden Lovers Highlight Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Tag Action in CEO Trailer


The CEO x NJPW show was really a well-regarded success, and hot off its heels is usually a new trailer for Fire Pro Wrestling World showcasing the Golden Lovers. Both Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega shine in such a trailer with Kenny re-enacting moves being carried out to him amongst gamers. It’s a goofy concept, one that harkens into classic NES wrestling game ads together with the roster actually actively playing it. Kenny managing to become a main event-level draw while still utilizing skills he utilized in comedy matches in such thinggs as that is fun to observe. Fire Pro Wrestling World hits the PS4 on August 28 when using the NJPW roster included automagically, while Steam consumers that use game should be able to have fun with the roster by using a paid update available on that date.

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